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If it is of interest to you, Magnetic Healer sends you the necessary devices to check the patient improvement with these therapies. These samples are free.

Magnetic Healer of PR, Inc., guarantees improvement or gives you your money back. Each patient has thirty (30) days of trial. Our studies show that patient improvement is noticeable in a short term. This study shows that the care of the elderly patient is reduced by more than 30%.

The cost of the neurological kit is $85.00 for the care center and the cost to the patient $129.95. The sleep device cost for the care center is $55.00 and the patient cost $79.95. Guaranteed improvement or their money back.


Magnetic therapy should not be used by persons using pacemakers, internal automatic defibrillators, insulin pumps, transdermal patches with electronic signals and pregnant women. Our devices should not be used as a substitute for medical care or a prescription. Prior medical evaluation is always recommended. MAGNETIC HEALER, INC. does not claim to be a medical product or instrument, but an alternative to prevent or improve these existing conditions. The buyer assumes all responsibility for the proper use of this product.