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We have tested the device "Magnetic Healer" and there is a report about the results with some voluntary patients. We used the devices "Magnetic Healer" in three different patients affected with migraine for periods over 5 years. The device was used for periods of 60 to 90 minutes, three times a day. Patients reported relief of their symptoms in two of the three cases. Patients reported a significant distention, stress relief and better sleeping on the session days.

We treated the following patients:


Jane Doe #1: Woman - 42 years old -

Symptoms:     Migraine episodes 2-3 times a week. Headache - Visual Disturbances and insomnia.

Specific Conditions: Hormonal Migraine.

Sessions with device: 3 - 60 to 90 minutes sessions for two weeks. Every other day.

Patient States: Feeling better after sessions in darkness and quiet environmental conditions. Also slept better and more relaxed feeling in general. However, the relief was non-permanent and symptoms returned hours after session ended.

Patient considered effectiveness of the device is around 60%-70%.


John Doe #2: Man - 31 years old -

Symptoms:     Migraine episodes 4 times a week. Headache - Visual Disturbances, Phono phobia.

Specific Conditions: None.

Sessions with device: 3 - 60 to 90 minutes sessions for two weeks. Every other day.

Patient States: Feeling better after sessions in darkness and quiet environmental conditions. Patient stop taking analgesics after three days and states feeling a relief specially with the headache symptoms.

Patient consider effectiveness of the device is around 70%.

Jane Doe #3: Woman - 52 years old -

Symptoms:     Migraine episodes 2 times a week. Headache - Visual Disturbances.

Specific Conditions: Non established.

Sessions with device: 3 - 60 to 90 minutes sessions for two weeks. Every day.

Patient States: Feeling quite better during sessions in dark and quiet environmental condition. Symptoms returned one to two hours after each session ended. Patient states that there are not permanent results with the use of the device. Patient consider effectiveness of the device is around 40%

CONCLUSIONS: It's our opinion that magnetic field works on patients in different ways and with a different effectiveness. However, I would recommend to perform more tests with different patients in order to establish accurate and specific results for each case. Considering the average effectiveness given by patients to the device I would say that the effectiveness could be between a range of 60% to 65% in some cases. I would recommend that tests be realized by private institutions able to certify each specific case.

We hope that our conclusions meet your expectations and apologize for time and inconvenience.

Best Regards

Susan Hadow MD


Dr. Domingo Peña Nina



Male 63-year-old engineer profession.

Diagnosis: cerebral atrophy.

Clinical picture: Characterized by insomnia, disorientation in time and space, aggressiveness towards the partner and obsessive pursuit.

Results: After starting the use of magnets sleep was restored, enabling patient to sleep all night. He says he feels a sense of fluidity in the circulation and level headed. Disorientation disappeared completely and aggressiveness has declined significantly. REACTIONS: Refers to when using the magnets for more than an hour and on more than one occasion a day, presents headache mild to moderate intensity subsides with analgesics.


Female, 42, an accountant profession published.

Diagnosis; migrainous syndrome.

Clinical picture: Presents incapacitating migraine headaches with average frequency of 3 times a month. Precludes the development of their work activities normally. Migraine episodes are severe and usually last for two to three days.

Results: With the use of magnets the size of migraine headaches pain decreases in intensity and duration, at the first use. Later spacing began in the presentation of migraineurs episodes and the same declined to be incapacitating. 3 the same month fell to 1 and with a frequency to 1-2 every 8 weeks always low intensity and duration, which made them tolerable and not hinder the normal course of professional activities.

REACTIONS: No adverse reactions were reported.


Male 58 years medical profession.

My personal experience as a user of the magnets.

clinical picture characterized by difficulty in falling asleep (initial insomnia).

Results: The use of magnets overnight generates an intense sleep that enables sleep quickly and regularly at night. Its use during the day increase work capacity allowing the realization of intense intellectual work for 4 or 5 hours without interruption and without physical fatigue is generated.

REACTIONS: During the first weeks of its use, slight headches that could caused by anything else. They went away with a simple analgesic.

May 14, 2008

Mr. Elberto Berdut

Dear Mr. Berdut:

    My name is Norma Claudio and I have been a pediatrician for 8 years. I write these lines to thank you for the gift of magnets "Magnetic Healer".

    I suffer from migraines for 15 years and since I started using these magnets (about 6 months ago), I have not experienced any migraine attack, so I recommend, as a health professional, I encourage you to continue to conduct relevant scientific evidence. The benefits of this product, either migraine or other conditions, so that may impact positively the health of others.

    My overall experience has been a very satisfying and wish him every success in the development of this product in order to improve the quality of life of other human beings.

Very respectfully,

Norma Claudio MD FAAP